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Ceremony: Luxury goods A New color New Tribute Order

Ceremony: A New Order Tribute


Ceremony: A New Order Tribute


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Product Description

This beautiful 8 panel deluxe Digi-pak is a two CD set of 32 tracks, featuring bands representative of musical genres from Electronica to Indie Rock who have been influenced by the band. Participants from across America and Europe include New Order/Joy Di


The moody dance-pop of New Order's classics emerge fresh and re-imagined here, with a selection that balances comfortably between indie rock and club techno (both of which New Order pioneered back in the early 80's). Standouts include Yes But No (consisting of 10-and-13-year old sisters Brianna and Skylar Ward) and their splendid and faithful version of the resonant "Ceremony", The Dark Romantics' U2-like "Crystal", Christian Webb amp; Adam Knowles' lovely "Run" (what an amazing song), The Sheaks' dusky Western-shoegaze take on "Ceremony" (Can you tell this is one of my favorite New Order songs?). Other notables include Light Yourself On Fire, who shockingly convert "Chosen Time" into a growly metal monster, XOXO solemn "Every Little Counts", and Win Win Winter plaintive piano-driven "Regret". And that's not to mention a spoken intro from Peter Hook (of New Order) himself. So, you have some radical reinterpretations, plenty of (true?) faithful covers, and plenty of reverential and respectful tributes. A superb set for any New Order fan, and plenty of solid material for novices just as well. --Goatsden

The double CD set is stunning, if only for the sheer variety of music styles that have been grafted onto the New Order tracks and the fact that most of them stand up as versions in their own right, rather than cheap copies of the originals. It shows the strength of the songs which allow themselves to be smacked around via electro, rock, acoustic, indie, dance and grunge, without being murdered in the process. What then follows are bands that look to New Order as their music mentors. Yes But No, fronted by two sisters age 10 and 13, do a well credible cover of "Ceremony", which mixes their sniding at the back of the school choir voices with some serious geetar sniping at the front. If that's them playing, be scared...be very scared! Bands with brilliant names like Kites With Lights, Rabbit In The Moon, The Dark Esquire and Light Yourself On Fire all have go at putting their mark on New Order's back catalogue, with The Cloud Room's non dance mesmerising version of "Blue Monday" probably the standout. Also worth checking out is The Dark Romantics version of "Crystal" which sounds like Roy Orbison whipped with Echo and The Bunnymen and the Goth in the cupboard of the IT Crowd. Jimmy Oakes does a great acoustic version of "Love Vigilantes", John Ralston flips "All Day Long" into a classic ballad format wallpapered with shimmering guitars, The Dark Esquire's version of "Temptation" is exactly as you'd expect from the name, and Johnny Parry's "The Him" grafts trumpets and operatics onto a Nick Cave-esque soundscape. On Disc Two more indie rock influenced tracks come out to play including the Detachments doing "The Perfect Kiss", Flight doing "Your Silent Face", Kingsbury doing "This Time Of Night" and Allegra Gellar doing "Leave Me Alone". There's also top original takes on "Blue Monday" from The Cloud Room and a piano led "Ceremony" from The Sheaks. In contrast, Light Yourself On Fire do a hard core grunge version of "Chosen Time", while XOXO unplug "Every Little Counts" and Jimmy Oakes uploads "Bizarre Love Triangle" into a higher key. Win Win Winter take "Regret" into the realms of the epic and The Milling Gowns do an intrepid 3am bar room version of "1963". The CD set ends with a Kites With Lights Remix of Yes But No's "Ceremony", echoing its echoes of New Order. Overall the CD set stands up on its own merits, although mining the deep vein of talent and genius that is/was New Order... --Salford Star

Ceremony: A New Order Tribute

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